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Our motto, , came from our work with airline pilots. Flying "In Formation," like seen at air shows, requires more than just piloting skills. Everyone's actions and reaction must be perfectly coordinated to avoid catastrophe, reduce drag and put on a spectacular display. Because flying in formation pushes the boundaries of what can be done, everyone must have all the right information at every stage. They have to think in formation as well as fly.

Our work enables labour groups to think in formation so they can also push the boundaries of what can be done. We use data in negotiations and conflicts to bring everyone on our side of the table to the same understanding of the situation, align objectives, ensure everyone has all the right facts, make communications unambiguous, eliminate collisions and plan for contingencies. Good data lets our clients to know and redefine what's possible, come up with creative solutions and be persuasive in securing their groups' interests.

is more than just a slogan, it's our mission. Case Lab was built around the principle that good outcomes start with good decisions, good decisions start with good information and good information requires a variety of disciplines, techniques, software and expertise.

For 20 years, Case Lab has been flying in formation with unions, professional associations and employers as partners in negotiation, experts in litigation, as a resource for communicating with members and as a labour relations support team. From testifying as experts, figuring out how much a contract change will cost, calculating damages, assiting with strategy and crunching numbers of all sorts we've been wingmen, mechanics, air traffic control, the guys with fire extinguishers and co-pilots. The work we do crosses so many disciplines that we just say we are about math, computers, data and insight.

That means a lot of statistics, economics, finance and operational analysis. It means over dozen programming languages. It means software from basic spreadsheets all the way to specialized analytical software, some so specialized that we have to invent it outselves. It means we can't just be geeks, we also have to work with people to create solutions, understand and solve problems and do a lot of heavy lifting. It means we also have to be artists so everything we produce is as compelling and persuasive as possible.

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